Lit-Frogs is a solution for busy plaintiffs' law firms and sole practitioners.  You may not be ready to take on another attorney, or law-clerk, paralegal, records clerk, case manager... but you're overwhelmed with work... constantly!  Perhaps you temporarily need help but worry you'll be stuck with extra salaries when there's a lull? Lit-Frogs provides a reasonable alternative that's available as needed. While you're tied up in trial, know that your work can still get done and the other clients and files aren't being neglected. 

The traditional law firm, with its traditional overhead, is no longer tenable.  On demand staffing that can respond to the ebbs and flows of your contingency practice is the key to operating in the black...
or rather, the green.

We will seek to develop a style specific working relationship that ensures your work is done your way!

The Lit-Frogs concept involves cutting overhead and striving towards efficiency! This is about achieving a work-life balance for YOU and the most effective results for your clients.  Spend more time on the files that need your undivided attention and allow our team to perform the day-to-day maintenance on files in the pre-litigation phase. 

The world continues to change!  Adapt... or work yourself to death!


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